What Should Be The Dartboard Distance From Wall

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How many of you wants to know about the dartboard distance from wall? Well if you want you add your house with the dartboard game, then it is much important that you should be having a cleat set of know how about the dartboard distance from wall. It would make you whole game add with extra fun and entertainment for sure. So let’s have a quick discussion about what is the suitable dartboard distance from wall.

First we will highlight about the dartboard height as from the centre of the bull to the ground. You should set-up the dartboard height that will measure out to be 5 feet 8 inches as from the centre of the dartboard (the centre of the bull) to the ground. The height can also be considered out to be measured as 68 inches or 1.73 meters.

In the next, we will make you learn about the dartboard distance as from the ground to the oche. You will be setting up the dartboard and hence throwing the distance that would be measured as 7 feet 9 inches as from the front portion of the dartboard to the front portion of the oche. This would make the throwing distance that will be measured as 93.25 inches or 2.37 meters.

Additionally, we will be coming over the dartboard distance as over the centre of bull to the oche. As the dartboard has been complete set up, for dartboard distance from wall it would be excellent idea as to carry out the measurement over the distance from the centre of the bull to the oche that would hence make on with the 100% sure all measurements are correct. This distance would be showing around 9 feet 7 inches then you will get to know that how you can set the dartboard completely. Hence the distance from the centre of the bull to the throwing line can also be measured as being 115.35 Inches or 2.93 meter.

Important Dartboard Set-up Tips:

  • You should be setting up the dartboard in the complete safe and secure area that is protective much. It has to be wide enough for the side of the people as in view to stand all around while waiting to play for their turn. This area has to be around at least a meter on top of both sides of the dartboard.
  • The area should be lit well and should be adding upon with some of the important fixtures to provide adequate lighting to the dartboard and dartboard distance from wall.
  • It would be best idea if you would be placing the dartboard at some cabinet area. It will be protecting the wall and also saving with much of your time to put on with the scoreboard.
  • If the cabinet is not being used, then in that condition you can erect a scoreboard on one or both sides of the dartboard as where it is easy visible.
  • You should be sure that all the dartboard set-up measurements are 100% accurately. This would make the whole game interesting to play by the side of players.


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