Different Types Of Darts Board You Need Know

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Getting through this piece of article we will be having a complete set of discussion about the different types of darts board accessible out.

Dartboard is becoming one of the most popular and well-known games on the international level inside the pubs. So it is important to learn about the different types of darts board to use.


For the information of readers, we would like to mention that dartboard are readily accessible in two major types. You can get them in so many of the materials as well as types, sizes, and shapes. Two main types of dartboards are as mentioned below:


  • Bristle dartboards
  • Electronic dartboards


Bristle dartboards are considered to be the old fashion type. You will be finding it is composed with the range of wall-mounted dartboards. On the contrary, we have the electronic dartboards that are newer type form of the category type.

It is self-standing and has been all put together with the wall mounted variation. For the exercise, you can consider making the use of old-fashion bristle dartboards.

Some people hence, on the whole, believe that dartboards are made from pig skin or also the form of the pigs “ hair as which is not true!

Earlier dartboards were manufactured through the material of the elm tree logs. Whereas so many of the dartboard today in the market are all made from compressed paper.

These dartboards are much reasonable in the rates and do not at all last long too. Talking about bristle dartboards, they are much high in rates but somehow they last forever and a day compared to other types of dartboards. Bristle dartboards are at the same time endorsed by most as if not all to be darts organizations around the world.

Bristle dartboards are manufactured from the use of sisal fibers that is to be traditionally used in the making of twine and rope. These fibers are all taken away to be imported from various categories of the countries around the globe.

It mainly counts the Africa and Brazil that is to be bundled together, compressed, and then put through straight away into the few processes to eventually be transformed into great looking dartboards.

They are much rough and are somehow made to withstand long-term constant use no matter whether it is home or also in the range of the tournament competitions.

The dartboards you see over theTV during major competitions are all bristled dartboards.


All the dartboards are working by getting all divided into the 20 pie-shaped sections. They are also known by the name of segments.

They are to be all numbered within 1 through 20, Over the center of the dartboards are taken to be two small circles or narrow rings, and also one smaller than the other as both called the bulls-eye.

The smallest circle or the ring in the right over the center is known by the name of inner or double bull counting 50 points.

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