Methods About How to Hang a Dartboard Easily

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Methods About How to Hang a Dartboard Easily

Do you sometimes find the issues in hanging the dartboard easily? Well, the beginners normally find the intricacy in learning about how to hang dartboard easily, so here we are with the set of easy guidelines for the readers. The medium of hanging the dartboard is somehow taken to be much extremely important because it impacts how you aim, and also about your throwing motion and so as the distance.

Important Materials Needed to hang a Dartboard:

Some of the important materials that are needed to hand the dartboard are as mentioned below:

  • Tape measure
  • Stud finder
  • Dartboard and cabinet kit
  • Level
  • Two 1/2-inch wood screws
  • Power drill with a long screw tip
  • Plumbline or string
  • Screwdriver

What should be the Location to hang dartboard?

As according to the rules of the dartboard, there has to be the clear set of the clear area of 11ft long by 5ft wide to install your dartboard. You should make sure the fact that the city is much away from the side of the pathways or the bathrooms and doorways. Your dart would be able to bounce just as over 8 feet. The spacing has to be much clear away from the furniture accessories so that you can make your way from all sort of the distractions and play it easily.

To learn about how to hang a dartboard, you should also be clear much about protecting the wall too. If you have floors and hard walls, then they can easily cause the break in your darts. Darts will also be leading to result into the puncture wood floors or even the kind of hard break floors.

To protect the floor against the dartboard, then you can use some carpet strip or some mat. It has to be around 3 feet wide and extending two feet 6 inches beyond your throw line. This would be letting you keep the floor and so as the complete carpet safe.

Steps Tutorial How to hang your dartboard:

  1. As in view with the dart boards that are attached from the center side, you can make the use of tape measure 68 inches that are up against the wall.
  2. You will be using the screwdriver as to screw your bracket to the wall. A U shaped wall bracket hence, on the whole, works perfectly. If in the condition you want the bracket more secure, then you have to screw the bracket in with the medium of the toggle bolts instead of screws.
  3. In the next, you will be putting the short wide head screw just as over at the exact center of the dartboard’s back. You will be leaving it at least a quarter inch out.
  4. If you want to make sure that the board surface is on an even plane, then you will be going to attach to the back of the board the rubber feet or also the access of the metal strips that are provided by the side of the manufacturer.


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