What are the dart game rules to know before playing it?

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Are you fond of playing dart games? If yes, then you should first of all be learning about the dart games to have a successful record! Do you want to know what the dart game rules are? Dart game is one of the well known classic pub game that is much in high popularity in the Northern Hemisphere.

This game is all about based on the throwing of small missiles into the circular, and the rigid board. This game can be played with as few as two people or as many as two full teams.


What to know about Darts rules and Basics?

There are so many variations that exist into the dart game. One of the most common played version of the dart is named as 501. Hence the correct placement of the access of fixed dartboard is around 5 feet 8 inches from the ground.

It is all comprised with the bullseye as being the point of reference. The proper version of the distance between player and board, and also from the line to the front of council, is just over the range of 7 feet 9 inches.


Every single team in the dart game is starting with around 501. It is all about to carry out the goal of working their way down to zero. Teams will be alternating taking turns as by every single turn that is consisting of three dart throws per turn.

Over the end of the corner, the correct amount of the accrued from the three darts just as to be thrown is subtracted from 501 as the bullseye is worth 50 points. If you want to win then the last thrower on the team must reach throughout zero with a double. In this way, if the team is added with the 20 points left, then the final thrower must hit the ten twice.

This is one of the relevant rules to remember in knowing about what are the dart game rules. In view with the odd numbers, the first part has to be changed within the numbers to the flat side. It should be doubling on top of the last two throws.


What is Double Start Dart Rule?

There are some of the variations of the games that will be calling for the second start. This is incorporating with the final process at the starting. This rule is also known by the name of “double in, double out” rule. In this rule, the team that will be hitting the zero first wins.

As neither the team gets to the zero points as in 20 turns, the team that is all set with the lower number of points wins. If the scores have been somehow tied to the 20 corners, ten additional rounds will be played later on. Throughout 30 shots, if the score has been still equal, the match will end up in the form of a draw.


So are you ready to play dart games by following these rules?

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